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10 precise Business Intelligence trends predictions for the year 2016

Thus it is worth giving a try because smart working will help in the success of your organisation.

2015 was able to introduce positive changes to the business intelligence system. The organisations unveiled their data to their trusted employees. This helped people to understand the fact that data plays a very significant role in performing tasks. The good news is that Business Intelligence is continuing its success journey in an enterprise. People are using various techniques to derive value from the data. It seems that 2016 is going to be an exciting year as well with respect to the business intelligence landscape.

Top Bi Trends

The following are the top business intelligence trends prediction for 2016.

  1. Reporting consolidated into one BI platform: Big organisations have many analytics tools. These organisations have different business intelligence use cases and this is why they need so many analytic tools. However, 2016 is going to be different. All the big companies will consolidate their embedded analytics, data discovery and traditional reporting into one BI platform to improve the Bi reporting.
  2. Cloud data source connection will become simple: This year most of the analytic tools will successfully move to the cloud. This will help the data sources to connect to the analytic platforms with ease. You can now dream of connecting to the best online applications like LinkedIn or Google Analytics and explore the data in interactive dashboards.
  3. Affordable business intelligence for small scale and medium sized businesses: Big Data Analytics will be able to play a crucial role in marketing and sales function. Many companies are already willing to invest in this area. The BI pricing will be reduced to about $10 in the year 2016 and this will encourage small scale businesses to opt for sophisticated BI tools. The spread sheet culture in small scale organisations will eventually vanish due to the introduction of BI tools.
  4. API Deployment will increase: The companies will opt for SaaS apps in the year 2016. SaaS apps will successfully replace or complement the enterprise applications. Mobile apps will also continue to increase in number. Thus the need for cloud connectivity and API’s will grow and there will be more emphasis on the development of improved developer tools.
  5. Big Data Analysis with Hadoop will be possible: Large data sets will be analysed using the SQL based technology. Hadoop’s scalability and affordable storage has already been under discussion in 2015. 2016 will bring a massive change in analytics. Organisations will be able to make use of unparalleled power of Hadoop for running analytics in clusters. All the credit goes to the speed and flexibility of the latest SQL query engines like Presto and Spark.
  6. Data Visualisation will be the trend of the time: Data has been able to bring a change in social media and board room conversations. Nowadays people visualise their data for sharing stories, exploring questions with non-experts and the data experts. Employers will be keener to opt for those employees who have a critical thinking regarding data. This year people will use visual analytics for reaching insights quickly. Visual analytics will also help in meaningful collaboration and will help in building a community around the data. This will eventually promote learning amongst individuals and help each and every one of you in reaching new heights of success.
  7. Improvement will be evident in Analytics Centre of Excellence: Companies will develop Analytics Centre of Excellence for encouraging self-service analytics adoption. Analytics Centre of Excellence plays a crucial role in the implementation of data driven culture. These centres offer various programs like one to one training and online forums. Now even the non-experts will be empowered to use data for the decision making. Over a passage of time, data will be used to decide the workflow of the entire organisation.
  8. Utilising the versatility of Bootstrapping: Bootstrapping is truly one of the most popular business intelligence trends of 2016. This versatile term puts forward a new strategy for analysing data. It uses a simple starting point to build complicated analysis. Bootstrapping uses the same data repeatedly for taking the samples to accurately estimate the complete data set. This analysis is far more advanced and follows a gradual approach and previous data is used as the learning base.
  9. Internet of things will generate new opportunities:  Internet of things will play a significant role in creating opportunities for real time analytics and data visualisation. Advanced analytics will not be just restricted to the scientists. Machine learning will now be possible for people because data analysis will make predictive capabilities more persuasive.
  10. Improved and new technologies will address the loopholes: The BI ecosystem has many new technologies. When these new technologies and business intelligence tools will reach the market then many gaps will be filled. This will encourage the companies to readily accept these new technologies whole heartedly.

You should plan the future of your organisation in the light of these BI trends and figure out the best business intelligence solutions. The first step is to gain the awareness about the BI trends so that you can equip yourself to incorporate the change. It is important to understand the fact that competition amongst organisations and individuals is increasing massively with every passing day. Soon it will become the battle of the survival of the fittest. 2016 can be a year of success for you if you follow the trends in business intelligence and plan accordingly. Get prepared to welcome the new opportunity of growth because you will be able to measure your own performance with the help of smart applications.