Italian Fusion Festival

Where Ireland meets Italy

Italian Fusion FestivalThe Italian Fusion Festival is an event that will take place in July in Dublin at The Grand Social, Liffey Street, Dublin 1 (beside the Ha’penny Bridge). The festival is organized by Radio Dublino, the only Italian language Irish Radio programme, running since 2013.

Radio Dublino is a weekly Italian radio magazine broadcasted since 2013 every Wednesday on Near FM, a not for profit cooperative run by volunteers who manage their programmes autonomously and independently. The programme addresses the Italian community in Dublin, Irish speakers of Italian and all residents in Ireland interested in Italian culture, Italian music and Italian language. More info

The festival aims at promoting cultural exchanges between Italy and Ireland through several bands based in Ireland whose music is the result of the collaboration between Irish and Italian musicians.

All participating bands have performed on Radio Dublino shows and offer an exciting overview of the latest music trends in the Dublin scene.

The festival holistic lineup spans from jazz, folk, trad, blues to rock music and will also showcase art performances and videos.

To complement the event videos of italian videomakers living in Ireland and Italian artisan food will be available to delight the palate of music enthusiasts in an informal setting where we hope people will have an opportunity to meet old friends and make new ones.

The Italian Fusion Festival Festival goals are:

  • To raise awareness about new trends in Irish music resulting from the encounter of musicians from Irish and Italian backgrounds.
  • To provide an opportunity for local mixed bands to perform live and increase their visibility.
  • To promote integration within the Italian community in Ireland.
  • To offer a platform for new music contaminations and developments in multicultural Dublin.

Festival Director: Maurizio Pittau

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