Radio Dublino

Italian Radio Programme | Live from Dublin every Wednesday

Radio Dublino is a weekly Italian radio magazine broadcasted every Wednesday from 9.30 to 10.30 pm on Near FM, a not for profit cooperative run by volunteers who manage their programmes autonomously and independently. The programme is bradcasted  live every week on air 90.3 fm in  Dublin and  online in livestreaming su

Radio Dublino was started in October 2013 by Maurizio Pittau and it was conceived as a place where the audience can feel at home and share views and opinions on Italy and Ireland from the expat point of view. The programme addresses the Italian community in Dublin, Irish speakers of Italian and all residents in Dublin interested in Italian culture, Italian music and Italian language. Radio Dublino covers a variety of topics: Italian language teaching, news from Italy and Ireland, Italian music (rock, traditional, opera, jazz, folk, etc.), information about intercultural events in Dublin and interviews with
Italians living in Dublin or Irish speakers of Italian.

The programme aims are:

  • Promote of the Italian language, music, art and culture
  • Encourage the integration of the Italian community in Dublin/ Ireland and the intercultural dialogue between Italians and Irish people.
  • Stimulate Irish speakers of Italian to keep up to date with the Italian language and the civilization.
  • Encourage the active involvement and participation providing a platform where the presenters and the audience can express their ideas, share projects or promote events.

Radio Dublino also broadcasts news from the Irish community that usually have no or little resonance in mainstream media, it promotes local artists and cultural events and it is a space where both Italians and Irish are given an opportunity to have an insight into their cultures from the perspective of Italians living abroad. The programme also aims at advertising music and cultural events in Dublin and Ireland by supporting institutions and artists in their event promotion.

Maurizio Pittau is the director and producer of the programme and his work is supported by a group of Irish and Italians volunteers who live in Ireland.  Since it started, Radio Dublino has hosted more than 100 guest speakers (artists, musicians, bands, writers, researchers, teachers, businessmen, not for profit organizations, etc.). Radio Dublino has also contributed as Media Partner to the promotion of Italian concerts in Dublin (Area, Modena City Ramblers, Franco Battiato, Sud Sound System, etc.) and has hosted musicians and bands who played live in its studio (Francesco Turrisi, Julien Colarossi, Mama Kasbah, Triptick Empire, Bernardos, Pierpaolo Vitale, etc.).

The programme also aims at interacting with it audience though social media, live telephone calls and sms thus making Radio Dublino one of the most followed institutions among Italian residents in Ireland.

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