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Radio Dublino is back. Lentius, Profundius, Suavius

A decade’s fervent echoes have reverberated through the ether, carrying fragments of Italy and Ireland to the receptive hearts of Dublin and beyond. Yet, as with every saga of substance, a juncture of metamorphosis emerges—a point where the impulse to transcend, expand, and evolve becomes unmistakable. Thus, Radio Dublino stands poised on the brink of a fresh odyssey, resolute in its mission to foster camaraderie, ingenuity, and cohesion within the Italian and Irish communities.

With a blend of sentiment and resolve, we herald the dawn of a new era for Radio Dublino. Following protracted contemplation, we’ve elected to undergo a rejuvenation, alter our format, and embrace novel modalities in pursuit of our enduring aim: to disseminate, innovate, and connect.

Our resolve to metamorphose stems from a longing to preserve the singular essence and ethos of Radio Dublino, ensuring its enduring status as a beacon of culture, advocacy, discourse, and assimilation within the Irish-Italian enclave. Our intent is progression, all while keeping our original mission close at heart. We shall persist as an autonomous, inclusive, and altruistic voice dedicated to nurturing a discerning interpretation of reality. Our mandate remains resolute: to cultivate platforms for exchange, to champion art, culture, and the Italian tongue in Ireland, to acquaint Irish-based Italians with their compatriots, to unveil Ireland’s clandestine facets to Italians and non-Irish alike, and to foster the seamless integration of the Italian community nestled within the Emerald Isle.

So, what lies on the horizon? A transformation of form. Henceforth, we shan’t merely be a voice on the airwaves; rather, we’ll manifest as visible countenances on screens and digital mediums alike. Behold our novel monthly video podcast, an hour-long symposium featuring an eclectic array of guests, each episode an exploration of fresh and tantalizing themes.

This novel format harmonizes the cherished radio paradigm with the adaptability of video podcasting, affording our audience the luxury of consuming content across myriad platforms, in novel, captivating manners.

Fear not, the radio show shall not vanish into the ether. Listeners can still tune in to Dublin South FM’s 93.9 FM every second Wednesday of the month at 3 p.m. to partake in the radio broadcast. However, in addition to this auditory feast, one may now access the program in audio format across all major streaming platforms (Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Samsung Podcasts, Amazon Music, Deezer, et al.), as well as in video format on our YouTube channel.

And yet, there’s more. As of this year, we’re ramping up our coverage of Ireland and international events through articles, videos, reports, and digital content crafted by a new editorial team, heeding the call to collaborate with Radio Dublino. This expansion not only broadens our reach but affords us the latitude to delve deeper into topics, transcending surface-level discourse.

Our new motto encapsulates this ethos: “Lentius, Profundius, Suavius”—an invocation to decelerate, to plumb the depths, to act with gentleness. These words, overturning the conventional Olympic values of speed, height, and strength, embody our commitment to a more deliberate, profound, and compassionate worldview.

In this spirit, each episode of the new Radio Dublino shall be a voyage of discovery into the narratives, cultures, and ideas that inspire and unify us. It shall be a sanctuary where all are invited to share their experiences, passions, and visions for the future.

This isn’t merely a change in format; it’s a declaration of intent. It’s a pledge to slow down, to delve deeper, to learn without confines. We invite you to embark on this odyssey of discovery, connection, and growth. Stay tuned for the inaugural episode of the new season of Radio Dublino, airing on March 13th at 3 p.m. on air, available on our YouTube channel and podcast platforms on March 14th at 7 p.m. With Radio Dublino, we explore the worlds of Dublin and expatriates together, one step at a time, with depth and ardor.